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So to sum up, keep doing what we’re doing as it works well. Test lots of ideas, but don’t commit lots of money until the technology matures?

P.S. I hope the defence attaches are working hard to find buyers for the decommissioned Mine Hunters. May be a Gulf or Baltic state would like a good capability delivered by the end of next year. Babcock could definitely use the work and the MOD can always use the proceeds.


There’s always been a ridiculous faith in the capabilities of anti aircraft defences and its easy to imagine a moving ,self burying cosmic ray mine sinking one of today’s massive container ships in the middle of a vital shipping lane. It’s all very well extolling the virtues of mission bays ,but they have to be filled with something useful and probably very expensive.

Evan P

Cosmic rays can’t sink ships so it’s impossible for me to imagine sorry.


Its hard to know if you are joking or have just never heard of ww2 technology.


I have yet to see a positive comment from you or even a substantiated negative comment! What do anti-aircraft defences have to do with the developments in unmanned Minehunting? There is no such thing as a self burying cosmic ray mine except in the Sci-Fi comics you obviously get your ideas from! As for your reference to WW2??? The mines in WW2 were very simple tethered contact mines, not the sophisticated magnetic and acoustic mines today. I was always taught that if you have nothing sensible to say then keep quiet – that definitely applies in your case!


Point of order: magnetic mines were in widespread use in WW2, and in particular were laid all over the British coast by the Germans. Specialised minesweeper ships and even aircraft were fitted with large coils to set them off before a merchant stumbled across them.

Granted, modern mines are far more sophisticated. They are often effectively autonomous torpedo launchers, or even dormant torpedoes.

Anthony D

Mine warfare seems to be one of the few areas where innovation will allow greater efficiency. Once the unmanned equipment is perfected, then it can be deployed by any type 26, 31 or bay class. This should allow the navy not to procure new MCM hulls and use the resource and personnel to bolster the type 26s and 45s. Same for hydrographic roles.

Cam Hunter

No way, we need MCMVS so the frigates and destroyers aren’t wasted doing that job!! And we will have far more ships if we keep MCMVS