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Peter Grenville

The RN is acting as a free ferry service for illegal immigrants. Many who have been ‘rescued’ are now in the UK. If you take them to the EU are doing exactly what they want and more and more will follow. They should be taken back to Libya.
They are not risking much when they know ships are lined up waiting to pick them up. The whole operation is flawed.


Instead of the RN running around looking for people, we don’t want, the time has come for a totally different approach. Take them straight back to their countries of origin. Most of these people are economic immigrants. We are showing weakness. In the culture these people originate from that is a green for go signal to send over more.
Last week I saw what looked like some suspicious types sussing out my local harbour. How long before they send them direct to the English south coast? Are we prepared? I doubt it.

Julian Edmonds

No they are NOT in the UK – people picked up by the Royal Navy as well as by charity operations like MSF end up being “processed” in “reception centres” where they are warehoused and forced to live on handouts when they would much rather work for a living. They’ll likely end up being moved on to other countries like Hungary, where they are not wanted and have no prospects. Much better to let them go to countries that are in a position to offer them jobs and prospects, and can benefit from the young workforce as their own populations get older.


While I believe something must be done to prevent the loss of life, I still feel we should be returning them to Africa as opposed to Italy. I feel it even worse that Italy must bare all the burden. if a British military ship is sent to rescue migrants, and it is unable to return them to their nation begrudgingly I think it’s only fair they get brought hear.