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Very informative article, nice job.
Axing Albion and Bulwark would be sheer lunacy.


I guess Argus isn’t ready yet after it’s refit. But any indication as to why HMS Diamond was sent back to Devonport?


Probably to have its engines ripped out and replaced as per the reliability issues they had. The Type 45s were due for the refit this year IIRC


Ahhhh ty for the info ? I was just guessing ?

Iqbal Ahmed

The needs of civilians need to be balanced with the need for large scale war games. Particularly as the Scottish people effectively have one foot out of the UK already and with Brexit tensions (62% voted to remain but are being dragged out). It seems unnecessarily provocative to hold such operations north of the border. Such operations might have been held in sparsely populated Scandinavia.

I understand that the Joint Warrior war games have caused disruption to life in the effected parts of Scotland such as intruding on conservation areas and wildlife, GPS jamming affecting marine traffic and airspace restrictions affecting international flights being cancelled over the Western Isles.

I hope the MOD has a compensation fund for anyone affected.


What a load of nonsense.

Iqbal Ahmed

Rick, tell that to SNP MP Angus MacNeil who missed a crucial Brexit vote in the House of Commons due to a last minute cancellation of his flight due to airspace restrictions over the Western Isles.

We need to consider real life consequences of military activity rather than the mutual backslapping and male bonding over militaria evident here.


As someone who has experience in the Airspace coordination measures and NOTAM systems used in JW, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is the Airline trying to deflect blame for their mistakes.


The flight plan was not affected the restrictions were for high altitude .
The company plane was grounded due to an engine issue.
By blaming the MoD they are trying to wiggle out of paying compensation.


That story was political chuff, and it’s been acknowledged so by those involved, and you are repeating the admitted lies…how sad, you really need to stop trolling both this site and the UK defence journal, you sad bell-end.

Iqbal Ahmed

Airborne, has the MP involved retracted his statement?

As for the rest, I have as much right as anyone to post where I will. As posters can see, it’s you who is launching personal attacks and trolling here. You made two posts, neither of which addresses in any way the topic under discussion.

I know that my posts are unpopular and will get down voted. However, this has more to do with the right wing echo chambers that military sites seem to attract rather than what I write or the opinions I hold. As you can see demonstrated here by posters who agree with some of the things I wrote.


Your posts aren’t unpopular,they just do not have any subject matter knowledge or experience, and it does show every time you type son. And other posters on occasion agree with you as they are unaware of your troll like agenda. Do they know you also troll the UK defence journal, with similar piffle and child like attempts at baiting people, I do like a good informed cut and debate but I also recognise a troll like bell-end and respond in kind.

Yes my posts TO YOU may not address the topic, but they do address your child like behaviour. And I can also see you do not like to be baited in kind, therefore it will continue son. Next?


I believe I read that the restrictions to airspace were briefed in advance. Not the MoD fault his airline failed to take appropriate action to reschedule and notify passengers..

Kevin Hastie

They are not being “dragged out”, they are being liberated from an anti-democratic, supra-nationalist organisation with a failing economic program. The Scots can not be an independent nation in the EU; nobody can. It is a contradiction that the SNP ideologist wilfully deny. And if they leave the UK (a union they have benefitted from far more than the EU), they will loose their shipbuilding contracts.

Bobs Baradur

The Scots are ignored in London & Brussels, right now the Brussels faceless bureaucrats
are looking more competent than their Westminster counterparts.
All pointless anyway, Italy shows the way, going for Chinese Colonial Status.


What a load of tripe. LIBERATED??? what the hell are you on about, as for failing economic program in also not sure what the hell you are on about. The EU has resulted in the reemergence of French British and German economies since the 70s and has been Britain’s largest source of inverstment in the last ten years.
I’m not trying to make this political and I disagree mostly with the Scottish point but don’t make pathetic nonsensical accusations with no base. such a gammon


You are a top class bell-end with such a pathetic existence you troll military sites to cry, weep, waffle and troll. Get a life you piss soaked Gary Glitter fan.


Is not northern Scotland sparsely populated also?


Jesus, look at this lot!I got a warning for arguing that the fleet carrier programme with no fleet was a bad idea!
Anyway,back to the subject, how can I beat it into a lot of the gun obsessed commentators here that the total budget ship is £250 million and the cost of a mk 45 gun is £60 million?The abitary budget has taken precedence over military need, its not possible to build anything other than a very expensive OPV or a death trap with the budget provided.


Oops,replied to the wrong article!Not that I’m wrong.


But what is the cost of porting across a 4.5 Mk 8 ?