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Always enjoy your blog and agree with most points you make. I’m sure the Army and Air Force could make similar arguments against cuts in their own budgets but ultimately we’re an island nation that depends on the sea for the bulk of it’s trade. It is also almost certainly that sea barrier that saved us from being overrun like the rest of Europe during WW2. We forget both of these facts at our peril.
Lastly, small points and sorry to pick but Admiral Lambellas? Never heard of him. And where is Damscus?

Andrew Armstrong

We mustnt forget maritime ligistics. With smaller Rn and ever diverse tasking the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service needs to be a major contributor to future operations.


Andrew if you look at the RFA fleet they have also been cut and cut, they are also facing similiar problems with a huge shortage of engineers. Very accurate article but it fall on deaf ears with our government hellbent on the current ‘save a penny spend a pound’ programme!


As ever a superb and accurate piece summing up what is needed and the problems that will mean little if anything is done to address the the last 25 plus years of decline that the politicians have foisted upon the RN.
I would love to see the Mistrals meant for the Russian navy being bought and fitted out to the RN/RM requirements. In return we could offload Albion & Bulwark to the RFA who i am pretty certain will lose another Bay class to the RAN.


Of interest is the return of HMS Albion scheduled shortly when Bulwark goes into extended readiness. Well thats the current plan, this ‘defence review’ could put a stop to this and the manpower reallocated to bring HMS Q.E to sea! Already Albion is heavily reliant upon civilians on short term contracts to start her early generation and get the ball rolling until Bulwark goes in.. Shambles it really is. At least we can sleep tonight knowing the foreign aid budget is safe and sound!


Trouble is Osborne measures the maritime environment entirely on the basis of his dodgy week end on a yacht off Corfu. He apparently thinks that’s what the sea is all about.
If as seems probable the government commits to further foreign adventures or is forced into defending our freedom of the seas and a great many lives are lost through the Government parsimonious defence spend; I would like to see legislation that holds the cabinet collectively responsible for the lives lost in the same way as directors are now liable for negligence and trading while insolvent.
That would wake them up!

Mess deck loafer

Unfortunately the RN is probably done for again, just as long as the crabs get what they want as usual, on a serious note something needs to be addressed with the costs of ships and aircraft, if we can purchase it abroad for a cheaper price that what BAE can do it then so be it, screw BAE all they care about is £££, more savings equals more equipment, it would be nice to see these type 26 frigates increased in number and possibly be similar to that of a Leander where they come in different batches each fitted with different hardware, a well armed and decent size fleet of corvettes would be good too to fulfill tasks such as patrolling the Caribbean and Falklands, diesel subs is a good one too, cheap to build, quiet and can get into shallower waters than a ssn, the carriers are a joke in my opinion, should of been nuclear powered and fitted with cats and traps


Raf should go (youngest service). And what about mobile infantry (army) and fleet (royal navy with ships planes and helicopters) would save a hell of a lot of money now and in the future without raf interruption


The raf needs to be scrapped to small and too costly it should be fleet ( Royal Navy ) with planes, helicopters and ships and (army) or mobile infantry with troops and helicopters maybe all under one command this would save loads of money and stop the competition between services


The best way to spend the foreign aid budget?
On the Royal Navy that’s what
Under uk control and can deploy anywhere in the world without tin pot dictators and other grabbers touching it