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I recall that when I was holidaying in Cephalonia some years back, the people of this Greek island still remembered the Royal Navy responding to the destruction of the capital Argostoli. in the 50’s. The Greeks have long memories it seems. Longer than those in Britain who often take the Royal Navy for granted.


Very relevant article given HMS Bulwarks imminent re-role to transit off the coast of Libya to assist with the migrants fleeing at the moment. Perhaps it will reinforce the PMs knowledge of the capability benefite to retaining some capability at the next defence spending review!!


Kind of reminds me of another post here about a UK hospital ship (or ships) and bearing in mind the kind of soft power so beloved of the Westminster not so nasty elite and build a smallish number unarmed except for self-defence according to the Geneva convention and paid for from the bloated overseas aid budget to be floated around the world ready, waiting and in position should the need arise and as and when necessary “rented” by the MoD for the duration.