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Excellent, the ship’s company, navy and country should be very proud. I certainly am.

Michael McGuffin

There’s a recent report the RN has 33,450 members. Is this true? The shortage is resolved?


The type 23s have been good workhorses for the Navy. I hope they save one at least for a museum 😊 (knowing how few ships have been saved I know its almost impossible 😕)


Would be nice if either Argyll or one of her sisters were preserved for the nation. They’re the only opportunity we have left to commemorate the Royal Navy’s Cold War/Falklands era (I’m aware they only entered commission in 1987, but with the loss of every other escort class and the carriers the T23s are the only option unless the RN want to donate Bristol).


Donate Bristol to be a museum and use a T23 as a training ship 😊


One issue might be that Bristol is significantly larger than the T23’s. The RN may not want to downsize when Bristol although older is in good condition.


That is a good point…but the RN no longer operates surface ships that large apart from Carriers. Could always keep 2 Type 23s 😁


Too much one-sided commemoration happening.

Too much nostalgia.

This is why the disaster of Brexit happened.

Need to look forward. Not back.

Make the country successful like Germany and Japan.


A false choice if ever I’ve seen one: You can have pride in the armed forces and be forward-looking.

John Clark

The Type 23 really has been an excellent frigate design. The ships being given the full mid life refit (with all the upgrades, structural work and new towed array sonar) have been given a huge shot in the arm and are once again first rate submarine hunters.

I do hope the Type 31 ends up with a similar displacement to allow them good general purpose flexibility.

I think the Leanders proposed displacement is just too limiting.


Fine collection of photos- thanks for posting them, and for the article.

Ian Parker

I’d swear that the Civilian’s who are Welcoming home their Friends, & Family, have the Jack Flying Upside Down, Nobody’s in Distress, are they??