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NIS is a organisation campaigning for nuclear disarmament so it’s propaganda will naturally discredit the British nuclear deterrent. Might as well be a report published by CND.
No doubt there are issues with the builds of the Astutes and planning for the Dreadnoughts. As I recall the Astute has been compared in complexity to the Space Shuttle. But this is only to be expected and a margin should be in the critical path of the project to allow for unforeseen issues.
I expect what we are seeing are the issues arising from the decisions to delay or slow work taken during the Cameron administration in the wake of the 2008 Crash. It may have saved money at the time, when finances were tight, but there was always going to be a price to pay for this accountancy juggling act.


A pretty good report up until nearly the end.

What concerns me is this:
P.13 mentions the importance of SSN production to keep infrastructure and workforce
P.21 mentions the difficulty of long service lives
then the Appendix describes an option of reducing submarine numbers? Surely the correct response would be to increase SSN numbers to reduce risk?

It would be interesting if they had some more reasonable costed scenarios – e.g. increased use of automated platforms for protecting bases\home waters to reduce costs incurred by supporting assets? Or longer term using a next generation single SSGN class for both roles?


I wonder if there is “trouble ahead” in general now that Gavin Williamson has been sacked.

David E Flandry

Has NIS ever found anything positive to say about Trident?

David E Flandry

Has the NIS ever found anything positive to say about the UK nuclear deterrent?

Iqbal Ahmed

Have STRN posters here had anything critical to say about the UK nuclear deterrent?

Captain Nemo

Yes, they’ve said it shouldn’t be in the defence budget 🙂


Fourth bomber has been named, HMS King George VI.
I like it.


The Taxpayer is contributing millions every year for limited company 1 man/woman outfits, sitting on there arses with a finger up it in Barrow on astute and Dreadnought.
The MD needs to get a grip a BAE barrow and get rid of these people who are taking £2000 a week for doing nothing.,,., Yes per week,