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Karl Hurd, Campbeltown

Sad sight, Great Britain has lost the greatness


Can’t you pass the picture to the news channels or the Sun/Daily Mail…particularly after the recent service in Lybian waters…as an illustration of 1. Cameron’s faulty policies on defence and 2. Why you should never trust Gordon Brown/Ed Balls with money


This should be on the front page of every news paper in the country. People need to wake up, see what caMORON and the unelected CONDEM rabble are doing to our country, and be under no illusion the day of reckoning will soon be upon us, we will be ruled by another power very soon, and I am not talking aboth the EU. Russia and China spring to mind.


So, what are you gonna do? That’s right! Sit round and do nothing. Everyone carps on endlessly on sites like these about the demise of the forces and ‘fings aint wot they used to be’, but what good is that. No one gives a donkey’s chopper what happens to the fleet – let alone percy and the crabs. Their 40″ flatscreen still arrives and there is scran at McDonalds. Sorted. Meanwhile, the world’s great orators (2China might invade us, oh noes!”) and political observers (“ConDem/Camerbuffoon/Bliar OUT!”) fart endlessly about how shameful it is, missing the point that ships cost cash, and cash aint what we’ve got any more, thanks to years of easy credit, cushy living and suppose ‘growth’. Wake up, you twerps. If this were any Third or Second World country, Parliament would be a smouldering ruin, fraudulent cops/politicians/media bastards would be hung or piked and fat, greasy chimps like Brown and oily berks like Cameron and the other traitor carried through the smashed, ground-floor window of Number Ten by angry mobs and thrown in the Thames with a barbell handcuffed to their ankle. They don’t fear us … that’s why they piss in our pockets. This is no more democracy we defend than it is a gameshow for the select few – they watch, we perform. Stop bitching and do something, eh?

criss of tring

How many disgusting or degrading pictures have you seen, that stick in your mind,
Twin towers, London bombings, Libya, Falklands war HMS Sheffield
All seen in the national papers, and got a reaction, why then is the picture above not in the papers, so this site is just as bad then, ,this should be sent to the papers, with the reminder that this coalition, was voted into power, among other things was for, immigration to be controlled,, the European human right act, to be removed, a referendum on the European union,
And the BRITISH MILITARY, this government should be reminded that , they have failed on all four items, this is seen by the people as a failure, the conservatives have waited 13 years , for what,
Just to ruin and let the people down, and hand us back to labour at the next election, what a bloody waste, 13 years for nothing, and they turn out worse than labour, what an insult,
The papers should inform mr Cameron, that if he thinks he will win a second term, then he and his party has just wasted 13 years for nothing, even labour has condemned the destruction of the British forces, this is just an excuse to put the Europeans before the British people,
I have waited 13 years for a promise that has come to nothing, and I feel robbed and conned,
And I will never vote conservative again after this,, so what are the British people left with,
We are left with the very thing these incompetent politicians think can never happen,
UKIP, the party who not only has condemned, what is happening, but promises to do what this government has failed to do, after all they cant do any bloody worse can they, we need an army, navy, air force, 3 times their size it is now, so either this government gets of its backside, or they are out,
And with no one else left but the UKIP, then so be it,
Give us our British military back, and stop trying to give us a European one be deceit,
Be proud to be British,

Gideon Afek

I’m not British, but as an admirer of the RN it grieves me to see what British politicians have done over the years to your armed forces.
It is one thing to save and downsize but this mindless decimation of a fleet in its prime, is gross negligence on the part of those with the ultimate authority and responsibility for keeping Britains’ defense.

K M Wells

I have never served in RN, bur briefly in RAF, but worked for many years for company supplying equipment from RN helicopters.
Recently visited Plymouth and saw a moderate sized vessel, Ocean, and was disturbed to hear she is currently the largest ship in RN service. I know she will be replaced by new carrier, which has no aircraft yet.
Did our politicians learn noithing from history