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The F35 source code software is a concern and a bit of a insult to Americas allies some of whom stood with it in the fight against Hitler. One wonders what the reaction would had been had Rolls Royce insisted on having its engineers/security team present every time a RR Merlin from Packard rolled off the line bound for a P-51 airframe. With all the paper work to fill out the war could have gone on into 1947.


The same will be true of the P8’s. The problem is with both systems America says “no” your not using your toys as they are all networked and require regular updates.
As an example some of the targeting and threat software in the F35 is updates daily from US sources, as most Sovereign states require to know what “intelligence” sources these updates come from so as to comply with European anti torcher Law and US Law prohibits the US Military from providing it, a sort of Mexican stand off is on-going at the moment.
In a nutshell there’s the problem with relying on solely sourced US equipment, thought we would have learned with the Special Forces Chinook Hanger Queens that were grounded for over a decade over Source Code information. But nope we never learn as this weeks Chilcot enquiry proves.


the catobar system for the new gerald ford carrier comes at the cost of£102 food for thought?cancel 2 f35b and get them on qe and P.O.W