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‘The visit will also be a helpful reminder to the Spanish they would do better to improve relations with post-Brexit’
So, I was correct in previous posts when I said the carrier project was just one nostalgic Imperial willy waving contest.
The fate of Gibraltar lies in Britain making further concessions in Brexit negotiations to give Gibraltar access to the European market. Spain will have a say about this and it isn’t inconceivable that a joint sovereignty agreement will prevail.
Gibraltarians live a charmed life where they are subsidised eg. Defence by Britain and their economy benefits from smuggling with Spain and off shore finance and tax status. That will likely end when we Brexit. I’m afraid Patriotism is very much a secondary factor for them.


Ah, so sorry to hear you are ‘afraid’. Which western site are you trolling next, and who will you pretend to be then eh komrade?
Still, I imagine it keeps the roubles coming in and avoids that one way trip to Siberia. Considering the Russians, sorry, yourselves, consider the carriers to be such an irrelevance, you really do talk about them an awful lot.
Anyway, I’ll let you get back to undermining western democracy, after all, cyber wars don’t fight themselves now do they?


Absolute rhubarb! You talk such a lot of rubbish and you simply do not have a clue what you’re on about. The main reason behind the Carrier is to project Britain’s power and might with F35’s and other rotary and fixed wing aircraft. A secondary, but still important, factor is to almost “show off” a little; a bit of a deterrent to other hostile countries that will think twice before showing aggression towards the UK. Every time one of HMS’s visits Gibraltar the massive reception to these ships from Gibraltarians is impressive. They are very patriotic, like some others of us on here.


Right, the government invested billions of pounds so we can have a” nostalgic imperial willy waving contest”.
Your comments are so absurd I don’t know why any of us respond to your rot.


Iqbal- UK patriotism in any recognisable form seems to be a problem for you doesn’t it? To which which bubble do you owe loyalty?


Yaaaàaawn, there he goes again, little and drool


It does make you proud to be British when you see such a fantastic ship like this!! Especially when it roams around the world on operational tours, showcasing British engineering and innovation. Cant wait for it to fly the F35’s!


Good luck all
Remember everyone we are proud to be British

Ian Willis

It’s unhelpful to use all encompassing labels like ‘British’ when there are groups who have a problem with that concept like the Scots Nats (who almost went independent), Welsh Nats, NI Catholic Nationalists, Cornish Nats and other groups.
I’m proud that I live in Britain. I’m proud that we are a mature parliamentary democracy with institutions like the NHS. We live in a peaceful country and the rule of law is supreme. We allow referendums for major changes in the country.
I’m not proud that we have to maintain armed forces who have to go out and kill people and or be killed. However, I’m glad we have volunteers risking their lives for us. I hope they aren’t put in harms way unless absolutely necessary, to defend the country.


It’s not a nice world. If you want peace, be prepared for war.


True. To those that do not understand – this is the opposite of war mongering – it is the detterent. To signal weakness is to invite the horrors of war.


Si vis pacem, para bellum


Exactly, there are big bullies in this world and the Western Christian nations must stand up to them, with armed force if necessary and show them that they cant do as they want.


Is this Iqbal again? Gosh, the Russian/eastern troll factories are busy. To those who are unaware, have a look at to see how state sponsored internet trolling is being used to divide and unsettle us and other western democracies on a massive scale.
British is not a label it is a fact. All those lunatic groups you mention are British whether they like it or not – fact.
Enough hand wringing and self-censorship. No one needs another’s permission to be proud of their country, and this is the only country on earth that feels it has to apologise for its excellence.
The military ensures the environment within which everything we do, every day, takes place, without it and the work they do as part of NATO and international security efforts, life as we know it would not last five minutes.
Make no mistake, this country, economy, culture and democracy are under attack within and without. Just because too many of us would only realise this when it is too late, is no excuse for those that grasp this now to cease their efforts.