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David Alan Woodman

If you beleive the UK should retain a Nuclear deterrent, or would just like to see a case for its maintenance, please read this new petition:


If any serving Admiral reads these posts maybe he could answer me a question, What would the RN prefer to have 4 new SSBNs or the extra 100 billion to invest into the Navy in the way that they wish.
I know which I would prefer, I would use the money to increase the fleet and arm all major surface ships and SSNs with nuclearwarheads for cruise missiles. Although it would limit the range it would be a flexible solution.
With the extra money it would mean 6 new SSNs, 12 new SSs, 6 new DDs, 8 new FFGs and a new Amphibious force. That would be an aditional 30 billion in construction which would cause an increase in ship building capacity with a return in tax to the exchequer. This would give the RN the numbers that they need.
The only condition would be that the government garantees the money for the present and future build out plan and the money that would have been spent on the SSBNs for the next 25-30 years.

Alfred the Tungsten rod

I don’t think Nuclear bombers are needed for Britain i Think we should increase our Arsenal to be similar in size or even bigger to that of france , But Conventional Bombers would be a good add-on to the RAF because a Bomber Similar in size to the B-1 bomber would have a Payload of 75,000 Lbs can destroy a City block