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No 1 Yes
No 2 No could easily be solved by offloading albion and bulwark to the RFA and it’s predominately civilian manned crew.
No 3 Yes, but see No 5
No 4 Could easily be explained by the “potential for future joint expeditionary and amphibious ops and EU co-operation” and all that bullshit.
No 5 They would be still a need for a major fit for RN/RM requirements so the loss of jobs is less than might be imagined
No 6 erm cynical but sadly right.
Deep down i would prefer the Juan Carlos/Canberra class any way.


I think we should move bulwark and Albion to the RFA BECUASE it would ease up more men for the Royal Navy. I think we should design a new ship that’s about 40,000 tons and has a roll dock and a small VLS fitted with aster 15s and tomahawks. It would also need to have run way and ski jump so that it could operate at least 10 f 35s


This would certainly be a forward thinking measure to take, & would increase are capability somewhat. So we really should look back at this & do the right thing & buy at least one mistral ship, ideally all ships & parts available